E-Class All-Terrain / GLC Class 5 Triple Spokes Alloy Wheels Aero Design R19 S213 X/C253 Genuine Mercedes-Benz (Part number: A25340149007X23)

E Class All Terrain / GLC Class 5 Triple Spokes Alloy Wheels Aero Design R19 S213 X/C253 Genuine Mercedes Benz

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The set consists of:
  • Alloy wheels (4 pcs.)

Original Mercedes-Benz Alloy Wheels R19

Genuine Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels were specifically developed, designed as well as tested; and, thus ideally match to each corresponding vehicle. The great history of the Daimler company proved that original Mercedes-Benz parts are the best for your safety, comfort and performance. Especially due to these characteristics we strongly recommend using only genuine performance, tuning and spare parts from premium manufacturers.

Front wheels / rear wheels:

  • Dimensions: 8J x 19 ET 38
  • Color: high sheen with gloss black
  • Recommended tires: 235/55 R19
  • Design: 5 triple spoke wheel
  • Part number: A25340149007X23

Scope of delivery:

This offer includes four genuine Mercedes-Benz light-alloy wheels without wheel caps and tires.

Optionally wheel caps and additional parts can be selected in the kit configuration. If available, the configuration appears when the product is added to the cart.


These 5 triple spoke wheels can be installed on all E-Class All-Terrain S213, GLC-Class SUV X253 / GLC Coupe models.

Not officially certified for use with AMG engine models!


The installation is Plug & Play on every specified model. However, we strongly recommend having the forged rims kit installed in a tuning workshop and equipped with recommended tire size.

Using the VIN (vehicle identification number), we have an opportunity to check compatibility of your vehicle with the retrofit. If you have doubts about compatibility or installation, you can specify VIN of your car while placing an order.

Unfortunately, we cannot follow all the road & traffic regulations of each country, please check if any registration is needed locally.

For further questions regarding the installation, please feel free to send us a request.

100% genuine Mercedes-Benz tuning / performance parts / light-alloy wheels / rims

Model fitting
E-Class (S213 Facelift)
2020 - 2023
E-Class (S213)
2016 - 2020
GLC-Class (X253 Facelift)
2019 - 2023
GLC-Class (C253 Facelift)
2019 - 2023
SUV Coupe
GLC-Class (C253)
2016 - 2019
SUV Coupe
GLC-Class (X253)
2015 - 2019