CLS53 AMG Facelift Panamericana Grille Genuine Mercedes AMG

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The set consists of:
  • AMG radiator grille (1 pc.)
  • AMG model plate (1 pc.)
  • Mounting elementen (1 kit)

Genuine Mercedes-AMG radiator grille.

One of Mercedes-Benz's most striking characteristics is the balance between innovation and tradition. The company has accumulated decades of experience with developing new technologies and applying them in practice but, at the same time, takes pride in showing to everyone which products, ideas, and professionals have made part of such a rich history.

The genuine part brought by Mercteil this time clearly shows that. The CLS-Class is considered the pioneer of modern four-door coupé cars, having inspired several competitors around the world, but that did not preclude it from honoring the cars which came before it. One of them is the iconic 300SL, which used the widely popular Panamericana radiator grille for the first time.

If you have a CLS of code name C257 already equipped with the AMG styling package, make sure to contact us. We will help you enhance your car's style even further and give it the genuine AMG appearance, designed to reflect a lifetime of victories.


  • Color: chrome
  • Design: Panamericana
  • CLS53 AMG look
  • Part number: A2578851104

The retrofit includes:

  • Radiator grille without central Mercedes-Benz baseplate.
  • Optionally, a baseplate can be selected in the kit configuration. If available, the configuration appears when the product is added to cart.


  • This retrofit can be installed in all Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class Coupe C257 with AMG styling package (Code 772).
  • Installation requires professional experience and equipment. Due to this reason, we strongly recommend having the radiator grille installed in a specialized workshop.
  • If the AMG-Line front bumper is not installed in your car or your car is not a facelift model, please contact our customer service. In these cases, you may need additional equipment for installation on your Mercedes-Benz.
  • Using the VIN (vehicle identification number), we have an opportunity to check compatibility of your vehicle with the retrofit. If you have doubts about compatibility or installation, you can specify VIN of your car while placing an order.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot follow all the road & traffic regulations of each country, please check if any registration is needed locally.
  • For further questions regarding the installation, please feel free to send us a request.

100% genuine Mercedes-Benz AMG tuning / performance parts / radiator grille

Model fitting
CLS-Class (257)
2018 - now
Sedan & Shooting-Brake
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