BRABUS Engine & Exhaust System

The main point of BRABUS tuning is working on the car's dynamic experience. To that end, investing in the engine and the exhaust system are extremely important: while the former is modified to generate more power and make the car faster, BRABUS exhaust optimizes the gas flow and dramatically changes the engine sound – that is what makes those cars so engaging and hard to resist. As you can imagine, Mercteil has everything to become your trusted supplier of genuine BRABUS parts.
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Genuine BRABUS PowerXtra systems to tune up your car

It is impossible to obtain true performance improvements without working on the engine. When it comes to BRABUS, PowerXtra is a tuning module which optimizes several components in order to take the original unit to a whole new level: you can obtain impressive power and torque without having so many components changed that maintenance would become a nightmare. Besides, that module is available in several output levels depending on the car model.

Even though those effects are appreciated by most car enthusiasts, the tuner knows that their cars should be prepared to be used every day. As a result, BRABUS mufflers are just as important in these tuning projects because they can keep the engine sound under control – most car models tuned by BRABUS even include a specific driving mode with lower performance than usual specifically to that end.

Countless BRABUS exhaust tips for all Mercedes cars

Take a look at Mercteil's online catalog when you have a chance. You are going to see that we offer countless BRABUS parts and that all of them are genuine. That catalog has a filter system which you can use in order to visualize only the options which are actually compatible with your car model, so browsing will be a breeze. Parallel to that, you can always contact us if you need extra assistance.

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