BRABUS Wheels & Tires

Wheels are among the most important components of external car design. They are very easy to notice and a high-quality set can dramatically change its appearance. However, high quality in this topic also means that the wheel is made of resistant materials. After all, it is designed to withstand the car's weight plus all the dynamic stress that comes from its regular movement. As you can imagine, BRABUS wheels are a wonderful example of high standard in this type of automotive component.
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Mercteil has a wide selection of genuine BRABUS wheels for you

BRABUS rims are forged using a special process that combines the best of both worlds. It gives designers plenty of freedom to design them, which used to be an exclusive characteristic of alloy wheels, and preserves the high mechanical resistance usually associated with traditional forged wheels. They are simply perfect for the level of performance expected from a German tuner which works exclusively with the finest Mercedes Benz car models.

The quality of those wheels can be observed in several parameters. Careful machining processes enable a smooth texture that looks well whether in their natural color or when they are painted; optimal spoke design allows maximum mechanical resistance regardless of the selected design; the use of the best materials ensure that the wheel will preserve its top condition for many, many years of regular use; and the list goes on and on.

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Now, it is important to keep in mind that such optimization has led BRABUS to design its genuine wheels with different dimensions, each one appropriate to a given model. Mercteil makes it easy for you to find the appropriate ones for your car by offering a modern and intuitive online catalog where you can easily filter the available parts in any way you need. Give it a look!

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