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Every car enthusiast knows the importance of rims. They withstand severe static and dynamic stress and at the same time are a crucial component of any model’s appearance. At Mercedes-AMG design and material are continuously studied, especially when it comes to AMG rims, so they can keep up with all the improvements made to the cars they are going to equip. The best rims for each model are capable of all that and of taking your breath away even at a glance.
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AMG rims: The perfect combination of performance and safety

Each material has a unique composition and responds to that stress in its own particular way. AMG alloy wheels are a reference in the segment due to their combination of high mechanical resistance and low overall weight.

While external dimensions are usually associated to the wheel’s final price, the truth is that they play a key role in the car’s dynamic behavior as well. AMG wheels have precise specifications because they pursue the perfect balance between comfort, performance, and safety.

When it comes to physical design, form is forced to follow function. The quantity and shape of the spokes are directly interconnected because they have to equally divide the mechanical stress. Trim, on the other hand, depends on each model: color and texture are some of the variables used by Mercedes-AMG to help them send the right message to their enthusiasts.

AMG wheels are the benchmark in their segment

Having all that in mind, you might be thinking that it will be difficult to find the right OEM AMG wheels. The procedure is quite simple, actually: the first step is to find a qualified 

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