AMG Brakes & Suspensions

The main reason why AMG cars are so desirable around the world is that they strive to offer a completely improved driving experience. The car's design is tastefully modified, the powertrain receives notable upgrades... the car models receive a whole new image, even if it is not obvious at the first glance. Braking may be one of the subtle parts of this renewed image, but it is extremely important nonetheless. Mercteil, of course, is ready to help you visualize that.
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AMG brake calipers for all Mercedes cars only at Mercteil

AMG brakes are designed to withstand severe use conditions. After all, they equip cars whose engines and transmissions were tuned for maximum performance. When brakes operate at a high initial speed, they generate a large amount of heat which must be quickly dissipated. Otherwise, the system may fade, that is, the system would no longer be capable of properly responding to the driver's input on the pedal and that could be disastrous.

AMG brake calipers have become a global reference in this matter precisely because of their properties regarding heat dissipation. Their carbon-ceramic composition ensures overall resistance to much higher temperatures than those of metallic alloys, which means the brakes will take much longer to fade – if they ever do – and they will return to regular temperatures much faster, which means they can be quickly ready for the next use.

Mercteil's online catalog has the finest AMG brakes

If you are in the market for carbon fiber brake pads or any other component regarding your car's brake system, Mercteil is the right place to go. The first step is quite easy to take: we have an online list of all our stock, and you can browse it with filters in order to only visualize those compatible with your car model. Whenever you need more information, feel free to contact us.

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