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Appearance is one of the characteristics for which AMG car models are coveted by many people around the world. Mercedes-Benz's performance division tunes its urban cars in a unique way by enclosing significant powertrain upgrades under a thoroughly revised design which manages to be imposing and elegant at the same time. Mercteil has a wide selection of genuine products which can bring you closer than ever to that refined appearance in the car's exterior as well as in its cabin.
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Mercteil has countless types of AMG instrument cluster…

A typical AMG dashboard is made by several components working together, from the tasteful combination of colors and textures to the synchronized operation of countless electronic systems. Lately, as electronics plays an increasingly important role in a modern car's operation, it is important to know that we are prepared to offer you a genuine AMG instrument cluster as well as to assist you with information on how to properly install it in your car.

Those items have exclusive design, with colors and graphics carefully designed to match each car model's image in the lineup. While Mercedes Benz cars are elegant and sophisticated at all times, the AMG tuning gives their design a touch of emotional intensity which perfectly follows the type of external changes those cars receive compared to the respective base models.

…and they are ready to take your AMG dash to the next level

Another addition you should consider for your car is a brand new, high-definition touchscreen for the infotainment system. Mercedes' recent models feature many functions and even use voice recognition to make them more accessible to you. Feel free to browse Mercteil's online catalog and/or to contact us to get further assistance: we are sure that you are going to find everything you need to give your car's cabin a touch of genuine AMG design.

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