AMG Seats & Trims

One of the reasons why AMG cars have become a reference in the global market is their concern with providing the best driving experience as a whole. In other words, they do not focus only on offering high engine performance: they strive to be pleasant to drive; they want their driver to feel comfortable even after spending hours on a beautiful highway or an engaging track. It is easy to conclude that Mercteil is ready to assist you to that end.
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Highly capable AMG car mats only at Mercteil

Genuine AMG seats are carefully designed to embrace your body in a way that balances comfort and firmness: you are naturally held in an appropriate position for driving, but your body does not feel constrained by hard surfaces or fatigued by soft foam. In other words, they offer a perfectly ergonomic design that can be used in everything from everyday city driving to a fun weekend on a race track.

Parallel to that, AMG floor mats use special materials that withstand the effects of time. They are also specifically designed for each car model, so they will cover and protect the exact necessary area below each seat. As if that were not enough, they are easy to clean and come with a texture that makes it almost impossible to slip under regular driving conditions. They are an indirect, but effective way to make driving safer.

Our online catalog has the finest AMG performance seats

Now, if you want a true VIP experience, make sure to try the AMG illuminated door sill panels. They have easy and simple installation and make your car's entrance shine with the logo of the famous tuner. Feel free to browse Mercteil's online catalog to get more information about those components and many others. We are proud to offer you the quality that only genuine AMG parts could provide.

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