Mercedes-Benz Seats & Trims

Being comfortable while driving a car is something that simply cannot be overlooked. Not only does it provide a pleasant feeling at the moment you start driving, but it is also important to keep you and your family physically healthy over the years and even makes it easier for you to quickly react in case of need. With Mercteil's wide selection of genuine equipment, you will be able to upgrade your Mercedes' seats as well as all the components which surround them.
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Mercteil has everything from cutting-edge Mercedes Benz dash kits…

Let us take a moment to discuss those other components. Even though modern cars are equipped with several physical and electronic items to provide both active and passive safety in many ways, we must not forget good, old seat belts. In fact, Mercteil can even offer you genuine Mercedes red seat belts in case you want to give your car a touch of AMG design – they are usually applied to supercars such as the AMG GT.

Now, if your case is that you have to take a baby or a toddler in the car with you, a high-quality Mercedes Benz car seat is an ideal acquisition because it is designed to provide comfortable seating for the little occupant while ensuring they will stay in a healthy and safe position. Besides, have you ever seen those car seats? Their appearance was carefully sculpted in order to make them perfectly integrated with the cabin's design.

…to highly capable Mercedes seat belts

Last, but not least, Mercedes floor mats are always an interesting item to consider. They are specific for each car model, so there will always be a perfect fit along with some other nice qualities: in off-road models, for example, they use materials that make them easier to clean. Take a look at our online catalog; you will love our selection.

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