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Electronics has become an essential component in the automotive industry. Modern cars use it for comfort, fuel economy, performance, safety, entertainment… While enthusiasts will always find qualities in cars produced two or three decades ago, it is impossible to deny that electronics has made them more efficient than ever. Next time you want to upgrade your car in that regard, make sure to visit Mercteil's website. We can offer nothing but the best genuine parts to assist you in that project.
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The best of the Burmester Mercedes partnership only here

Mercedes Benz has always been in the forefront of the application of electronics in automobiles. Over the past few decades, it has continuously researched innovative technologies and has been finding new ways to apply the existing ones with simple and intuitive use. Nowadays, its wide range of car models is a global reference in this topic and shows enough capacity to defend such a position for many years to come.

By working with Burmester, Mercedes has designed specific sound systems for each car model; that ensures audio optimal quality for their cabin's dimensions and geometry. Mercedes Air Balance package is another interesting technology because it provides much better air filtration towards the cabin, which is especially important for people with asthma or allergies. Those kinds of items have a direct impact on the quality of life while using the car.

Mercteil's online catalog has everything in Mercedes Benz electronics

Whether you want to execute a complete project to upgrade your car's electronic system or simply add individual items for specific purposes, Mercteil is completely prepared to help. We have countless components to offer, and we assure you that every single one of them is genuine. After all, we want you to enjoy the very same quality with which Mercedes Benz cars have become so desirable in the global market.

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