Tuning Brakes & Suspensions

It goes without saying that the brake system of a car must be in top condition at all times. Not only does it stop the car in a shorter distance, from any given initial speed, it also does so in a controlled way, which means the driver can properly guide the car and come to a stop without causing any side problems. Mercteil has an extensive variety of performance brakes which you can easily browse to choose the best one for your car.
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Mercteil has the finest brake caliper options for your Mercedes

The heavier and/or faster a vehicle is, the higher its demand will be from its braking system. We want this equipment to work perfectly at all times, so it must preserve aspects such as short distance, minimal interference on the car's steering, maximum heat dissipation, and high durability over time. It is easy to conclude that performance cars absolutely need nothing but the best brake systems available on the market.

Of all those variables, heat dissipation is probably the most important one. It concerns the most intense problem brakes can face because excessive heat simply affects its entire operation. Carbon ceramic brakes have become the reference in this field over the past few years, especially among sports cars because they can reach very high temperatures before beginning to lose their work properties and can dissipate the generated heat rather quickly.

Only the most capable performance brakes on our online catalog

As you can imagine, there is much more about this equipment than the shiny brake caliper colors we are used to seeing in photos. That might make it difficult to select the appropriate system for your car, especially for inexperienced enthusiasts. Fortunately, Mercteil is ready to help you with that: we have an online catalog with filters, so you can easily visualize the right options for your car model.

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