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Electronics is becoming more important in an automobile as we speak. Decades ago, it started by optimizing basic engine functions, then went on to make life more comfortable while driving, and now plays a key role in passive safety as well. Whether you are in the market to improve your car entertainment system or to get it a beautiful digital dashboard, Mercteil's online catalog is filled with the best options to help you, always offering only genuine parts at affordable prices.
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A wide selection from all types of digital dashboard…

An up-to-date instrument cluster is a useful addition because it is designed to show you many vital signs of the car while being clear, beautiful, and easy to read at all times. Besides, since it is connected to the car's multifunctional steering wheel, you can browse its menus and find information or adjust settings as much as you need without ever needing to take your hands off the steering wheel.

High-quality car audio speakers are another important upgrade because, by making the stereo sound better, they contribute to your well-being while using the car. Clear, high-definition sound is more pleasant and less aggressive to the ears, especially during long trips. In fact, that is why many recent systems are made to specific car models: each cabin has different dimensions and geometry, so they all need specific layouts from the audio equipment.

…to genuine dash cam front and rear

Last, but not least, equipping your car with a dash cam front and rear can be quite interesting as well. Recording what happens on the road ahead can be useful in times of need. Parallel to that, the possibility to see what is happening at the rear seats is reassuring especially if you drive with kids frequently. You can count on Mercteil to find the best solutions for all those issues.

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