Tuning Steering Wheels

Whether you are about to start a road trip or you are simply commuting, your driving experience must be the best. A good steering wheel makes all the difference because it leads your hands to a comfortable position and is pleasant to use even after long periods. Another key component which is usually overlooked is paddle shifters. They allow you to make driving more engaging by shifting gears yourself while keeping your hands on the wheel. Mercteil can bring you closer to both.
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Mercteil has everything from elegant steering wheel covers…

Decades ago, steering wheels were merely grip rings which provided an intuitive way to effortlessly turn the car's wheels. As the automobile improved in everything, manufacturers made sure to research ways to make that component better: more comfortable operation, better materials, the appropriate position… nowadays, all it takes is entering an old car for you to visualize how far has the industry gone to make better and more effective steering wheels.

Nowadays, you can customize them with steering wheel covers which come in pretty much any material you want. They help you get better grip, resist the action of time, and make your car's cabin look better. From the manufacturer's point of view, paddle shifters are another great innovation because they allow you to enjoy the thrills of manual shifting without taking your hands off the steering wheel – it's like driving a racing car!

…to precise and reliable paddle shifters

Mercteil is ready to help you make part of such a beautiful history of product development. Our wide selection of genuine parts includes everything from a beautiful Alcántara steering wheel to the aforementioned paddle shifters. Take your time to browse our online catalog: you will find your desired parts so easily that you will certainly want to start planning your next acquisition as well.

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