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Wheels are one of the easiest components to notice in a car. They are usually large and shiny so, when they have beautiful design as well, the final effect on the car's appearance is wonderful. Tires, on the other hand, may not be that flashy but are fundamental to the car's dynamic behavior wherever it goes. Whether you are on the market for alloy wheels, performance tires or anything else in this field, Mercteil is prepared to help you find what you need.
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Genuine rims are the pride and joy of Mercteil's online catalog

Genuine rims and quality tires are not cheap, we all know that. What we do not usually know, however, are the reasons for that. Unfortunately, that leads many people to opt for low-cost alternatives while not even knowing that they are disregarding important aspects when it comes to performance and safety.

Alloy and forged wheels are manufactured with complex procedures to ensure maximum durability and refined appearance. Besides that, their style and dimensions are carefully selected to meet the needs of one car model or a specific group. Depending on the case, a given design or a given material may not be appropriate for a specific model. 

When it comes to tires, build parameters such as dimensions, material, and tread design must be designed according to the type of car, performance range and expected use conditions. Poor design in that regard will surely negatively affect the car's dynamic behavior and, at times, even make it unsafe.

Nothing but the best options for your Mercedes car

The easiest way to identify the right options in this matter is to use professional assistance. Mercteil not only offers a huge selection of wheels and tires but also indexes it so as to make your search more effective. Use the filters on our catalog system and/or contact us: we will be pleased to help.

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