Tuning Seats & Trims

A truly good driving experience is only made when we take care of all aspects involved. We need the car to be vigorous, fuel-efficient and safe, of course, but that is not sufficient. If the car does not treat the driver well, it will be simply unpleasant to drive. And none of us wants to invest in a car from which we want to leave after a spin around the block, right? Fortunately, Mercteil has ways to help you improve that experience.
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The most capable seat belts ready for you…

Door sills are usually underrated, but the truth is that they can help you with all that: if you get an illuminated set of your favorite color, entering the car at night will become easier and much safer. High-quality floor mats are specifically made for each car model, so they will ensure a perfect fit. Besides, they are made with materials which are easy to clean and difficult to slip.

This type of investment may not be the most glamorous when we talk about car tuning, but the fact is that their benefits come over time. They make your driving environment more pleasant in physical and mental ways, which means they help you associate good feelings and memories with the car. It is a sure way to make your shiny new car the ideal partner for driving adventures for years to come.

…just like the most beautiful door sill panels for your car

Whether you are looking for seat belts, trim kits, the previously mentioned items or any others regarding your car's cabin, Mercteil is the right place to go. You can easily check what we can offer by browsing our online portfolio. We have several searching tools to make it easy for you to find exactly what you want and/or get inspiration for future projects. Give it a look today!

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