AMG CLA-Class C118 Facelift Tuning and Performance Parts

The CLA-Class is an iconic model in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. It builds up on the success of its bigger brother, the CLS-Class, and offers the unique elegance of a four-door coupé in a smaller and more accessible format. However, that does not mean it offers any less content. With our genuine Mercedes CLA 250 performance parts, you can extract the very best of this amazing car and have an unforgettable driving experience.
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Wide selection of CLA 45 AMG tuning parts

We know that there are many options in terms of CLA 45 AMG tuning, and we know that it may be daunting to simply browse a big catalog of parts. Mercteil has a vast experience in this topic, so we are sure that we can make this process easier for you. For example, our online catalog has a complete filtering system that allows you to browse products according to the exact car model you own. That narrows the scope of your search and makes it simpler.

Mercteil has the best Mercedes CLA performance parts

Now that you have reached the CLA 45 AMG tuning parts we offer, the items below are available either for the car or for yourself. Mercedes-Benz takes pride in offering a unique opportunity to its customers to improve their lifestyle. As you can see, the list of options goes from car-related tuning parts to accessories of personal use. Mercedes-Benz does that because it believes that CLA 45 tuning goes beyond the car itself. Our catalog features a shopping cart function, so you can easily browse while resting assured that you will not lose the items you have already selected. Then, once you are finished, all you have to do is complete your order – we offer worldwide shipping, so you have nothing to worry in that regard. But that is enough of that for now. We want you to have a great time envisioning all the possibilities that CLA C118 tuning can open for you!